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Tourist Attractions

 The Rajasthan Tourist Attractions are characterized by a charming mix color and an exotic aura that can dazzle any onlooker. No wonder, a travel to Rajasthan is on the agenda of every second traveler you will come across in India. Indeed, this is the magic of Rajasthan that draws hordes of visitors with its unconventional beauty and vibrant presence.

When it comes to listing the Rajasthan Tourist Attractions, it can sometimes add up as a tough task. Indeed, the list is so long that it is almost impossible to include them all in a short tour. However, it can safely be said that the Rajasthan Tourist Attractions are truly an extension of its people and the very culture of the state.
Right from historical forts and palaces in cities like Jaipur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur and Jodhpur to the beautiful temples of Mount Abu, Rajasthan indeed teems with tourist attractions of varied types. You can also add to it some important wildlife reserves like Ranthambore, Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary and Sariska.
The desert that is so important a part of Rajasthan also figures among the main tourist attractions of the state. In fact, many who travel to Rajasthan India are keen to try out desert safaris that may be a little strenuous but nevertheless help understand the beauty of the Thar Desert and its inherent romantic appeal in a never before manner.
Rajasthan, India is indeed a kaleidoscopic mix of attractions that simply awe and delight at the same time. Do take out time to visit this fascinating state that is indeed an experience you must live at least once in a lifetime.